Barbados at the Center of Talks to    Resolve the Venezuelan Crisis

The Episcopal Conference of Venezuela (CEV) considered Thursday that the new dialogue between the Government of Nicolás Maduro and a minority sector of the opposition does not help resolve the political crisis in the country and stressed that any negotiation process should lead to presidential elections.

“I believe that this is one of the new episodes (…) that do not help at all, depending on the search for unity to consolidate a force that solves, above all, this serious political problem that has to do with the problem of global crisis in Venezuela, ”said the president of the CEV, Monsignor José Luis Azuaje.

In an interview with the private broadcaster Circuito Éxitos, he also criticized that there are politicians with particular agendas and insisted that “every dialogue has to lead to an electoral process.”

“We see people who, well, were once influential in the field of Venezuelan politics and now come to the fore without people, without support from political parties, without representation, to want to solve a serious problem that they have not achieved still solving tradition parties, ”he said.

The bishop also took the opportunity to point out that, in his opinion, there is “a total abandonment of what the welfare of the people means.”

“The opposition neither resolves nor resolves it, nor does the government,” he said.

The Maduro government reported on Monday about the start of a new dialogue with minority opposition parties, after suspending the negotiation process it held in Barbados with the anti-Chavez majority led by the head of Parliament, Juan Guaidó, recognized as interim president For more than 50 countries.

The new mechanism is backed by former presidential candidate Claudio Fermín, from the Progressive Advanced, Change and Hope for Change parties, all marked by the most radical sectors of having ties to Chavismo.

The opposition led by Guaidó, which groups the parties with more weight within anti-Chavez, has expressed its rejection of this new process.


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